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The Army Distaff Foundation

What We Do

After more than 55 years in operation, our commitment to the American military family has never been more important. Our approach addresses the retirement and healthcare needs of the American military family in three ways:


Benevolent Care

The Army Distaff Foundation provides financial assistance and uncompensated services to those in need.

Each year, The Foundation funds an average of $815,000 in assistance. Since 1959, no eligible person has been turned away or asked to leave due to inability to pay.


Healthcare Services

Donor support helps offset substantial health-care costs that otherwise would have to be passed on to residents through burdensome, unaffordable fee increases.

We fundraise to help offset $5 million in annual healthcare costs incurred by our community of residents.


Facility Sustainability

The Foundation fundraises to provide quality-focused services and modern centers to advance the human welfare needs of our military retirement community.

Without philanthropic support, residents' fees could not remain affordable, increasing immediately by 15%.