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Knollwood Military Retirement Residence

The Army Distaff Foundation’s mission is to support Knollwood, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) for retired officers and family members.  It was founded in 1959 by Mrs. Lydia Taylor, wife of the then Chief of Staff of the Army, and Mrs. Rosamond Davis.  They had recognized the need for a place to age in dignity for Army officers' widows, who, at that time, received only minimal government benefits.  As a result of the founders’ vision, and with the determined support of Army wives in clubs around the world, Army Distaff Hall was opened in 1962.  It provided much-needed, first-of-its-kind retirement housing and healthcare for widows of officers retired from all of the uniformed services of the United States.  The Army Distaff Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

In 1989, eligibility for residency at Army Distaff Hall was expanded to include officers, both male and female, as well as their spouses and certain other female family members.  The community adopted the name Knollwood.  In May 2013, the Army Distaff Foundation and Knollwood’s Board of Directors adopted a new eligibility criterion, opening the Knollwood community to male family members of retired officers.

Knollwood has served as a retirement community for families of retired officers of the uniformed services for over 50 years.  During those years, with the support of a concerned and generous donor base, the Army Distaff Foundation has expanded Knollwood’s resident base, maintained the high standards of its living arrangements and provided up-to-date high-quality care.  Knollwood is an exemplary, service-driven continuing care retirement community.

The location combines the best of both worlds — the peaceful solitude of a country estate with the amenities and energy of our nation’s capital.  It offers outstanding social, recreational, and occupational activities and residents are free to come and go as they please, with transportation options accommodating an active, vibrant life style.  While Knollwood features an active and varied set of in-house events, the possibilities of off campus enjoyment are limitless.  It is easy to spend time off campus among the monuments and marvels of the Washington area with children and grandchildren.